7 Simple Ways to Resolve Epson Printer Error State

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Are you frustrated with Error state on your Epson printer? Are you tired of trying every other alternative and failed? The error state is a common issue and chances are there might be some issue with hardware or software upgrades of printers. This article will help you in getting rid of Epson printer Error state.

Possible reasons of Epson Printer Error State

Below are some possible causes of error state of your Epson Printer –

Connectivity issue between system & printer –

Sometimes users like you encounters connectivity issues due to poor internet connection. This can be due to multiple reasons like you haven’t placed printer within the connection range or maybe some object would be blocking by being in the middle leading to bad connection between your system and printer.

Issue with printer software installation – 

When software or drivers of Epson printer are improperly installed then it results in Error state.

Printer is unable to get required power supply –

Possibly your Epson printer doesn’t get needed power supply from power source resulting in generation of error state.

Corrupt printer drivers –

Drivers are the set of softwares which runs your Epson printer so its crucial to update them with latest versions periodically for proper functioning otherwise they get corrupt and stops working. On a different note, virus infection and third-party applications corrupts your printer drivers resulting in Epson printer error state.

Ways to resolve Epson Printer Error state –

Fixing hardware issues –

  • Follow below steps to get rid of hardware issues on your Epson printer device –
  • Ensure that your printer’s power cord is properly connected to power source.
  • Verify whether USB cable is attached to printer correctly. Use other USB cable to printer for connection incase of any connection problem.
  • If you have Wi-Fi printer, then ensure that your Epson printer is correctly connected to wireless network.
  • Now test the printer by printing a page to check whether the issue have been resolved or not.
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Check printer connectivity –

Ensure that there is a proper connection between your system and Epson printer.

You can use a different USB port to check whether the devices are connected or not.

Follow below steps to resolve the issue –

  • Turn off your printer and look for paper jam.
  • Now close all the trays correctly.
  • When you find paper jam, ensure to clear it slowly.
  • Verify whether there is low ink on printer; if there is then refill it.
  • Now switch the printer’s Wi-Fi network and connect it with other Wi-Fi network and check if the issue resolves.

Check jammed papers in printer –

Sometimes due to jammed paper, Epson printer gets error state. Now you have to clear it. For this, use a cloth piece and brush to wipe it later. After cleaning print pages to check for issue.

Use Windows Troubleshooter –

  • Go to ‘Devices and Printers’ section from start menu where you will find all your devices connected to your system according to their categories.
  • Search for Epson printer and right click on it.
  • You will find ‘Troubleshoot’ option in drop-down menu.
  • Click on Troubleshoot to find & troubleshoot your Epson printer and its related issues.

Properly install your Epson printer –

  • The windows system acknowledges printer device automatically.
  • Select ‘Continue’ option to start Epson printer installation process.
  • Now follow the instructions on your system screen.
  • Start and complete your Epson printer installation & resolve the Error state issue on your Epson printer.

Reboot your system and printer –

  • First you have to stop all currently active printing tasks.
  • Now shut down your system & Epson printer.
  • Now power on your Epson printer & system. Sometimes, restarting the printing machines and system removes all issues from your printer.
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Update Epson printer drivers –

If still your issue hasn’t been solved then update your Epson printer driver by visiting official site of Epson.

Following above steps will resolve your Epson printer error problem. If the error still persists then contact technical support team.